Teaching – Learning Facilities

Institute Provide support for developing students' learning knowledge and skills. Enhance learning supports and improves learning performance through creating a learner-centered learning environment with more learning opportunities.

S.No Type of Facility Numbers
1. Classrooms 82
2. Laboratories 108
3. Research Laboratories 04
4. Seminar Halls 08
  • Classrooms: A total of 82 classrooms with an average area of 110 sq. m. which are well-equipped with ICT facilities, out of which 30 percent are equipped with smart boards to support various teaching and learning methodologies.
  • 108 well-equipped laboratories, with state-of-the-art equipment worth Rs 620 lakhs
  • Four research laboratories worth more than 500 lakhs to carry out interdisciplinary
  • AICTE-sponsored Idea Lab established at a cost of Rs 194 lakhs.
  • Established four video recording rooms with smart boards and glass boards.