The institution values its staff and makes all possible attempts to enhance their To attract and retain both teaching and non-teaching staff a well-defined appraisal system and welfare measures are introduced in the institution. In addition to these many activities are conducted for the career development and progression of the staff.

  1. Performance appraisal system: The performance of employees is recognized and rewarded with annual increments based on the recommendations of Staff Appraisal Committee.
  2. Avenues for career development/progression:
    • Financial support for faculty for attending conferences, workshops, FDPs, refresher, and orientation courses.
    • Provision to the teaching faculty to pursue Ph.D under QIP program and academic leave to the extent of 2 months, those who are pursuing Ph.D in part time mode.
    • The non-teaching staff are encouraged to upgrade their qualifications. Once they upgrade, suitable position is given.
    • Incentives are provided to faculty members for their outstanding research work, publications, and patents. Rewarded consultancy policy with more than 60% share to the faculty.
  3. Welfare measures for teaching and non-teaching staff:
    • Free Group health insurance to all teaching staff members with 2,50,000 INR coverage
    • Provident Fund for all eligible staff members
    • 25-75% of fee concession for the children of all staff in Vignan group of institutions.
    • 180 days of maternity leave.
    • Casual leave, medical leave, earned leave, paternity leave and marriage leaves as per the policy.
    • Contributes to ESI for all eligible staff members.
    • 15 days Paid marriage leave with a gift voucher worth Rs. 3,000.
    • On the occasion of Ugadi/Dussehra/Diwali/Sankranti, new clothes and sweets to teaching and non-teaching staff
    • Visishta Seva Award with cash prize of Rs. 10,000 to those who complete 10 years of service
    • Subsidized lunch and free tea, coffee, and snacks to all the staff members
    • Free transport for non-teaching staff and subsidized transport for teaching staff