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About Media Cell

Media Cell is established in the VIIT(A) during the academic year 2018- 2019. It handles the PR activities of the students and of the college. It caters to the three major domains of the institute- Public Relations, Social media and Official Newspaper/Newsletter of the Institute. Media Cell enhances the Institute performance to the students and its stakeholders. The team works towards publishing and distributing information on the various activities, achievements and successes of the institute through various print, electronic, digital and social media channels. The members are drawn from across the college staff in order to ensure a holistic approach to information dissemination and coverage.


The objective for the use of media is not just to disseminate information, but also to undertake Institution, students and stakeholder’s engagement for a meaningful participation.

  1. To keep our college website up-to-date and ensures that all the important information is easily accessible to the right audience.
  2. To cover all programmes, seminars, events, achievement records, alumni profiles, faculty connect and latest newsletters/newspapers
  3. Cell is responsible for managing events and updates on social media accounts like Facebook,YouTube, Instagram, Linked in, Twitter etc.
  4. Media cell also undertake promotional activities about the college such as printing of pamphlets/brochures, producing videos/documentaries and erecting banners/hoardings in attractive way for the benefit.
Associate Professor
Dept. of ECM
Media Cell-Incharge
Mrs.Auadhati Datta
Assistant Professor
Dept. of MBA Media Cell-Coordinator
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