All processes at VIIT, including Teaching-Learning, Examinations, Attendance, Administration, and Library operations, have been automated, facilitated by an In-house-developed Learning Management System (LMS). An effective IT Policy has been formulated in accordance with the polices of government of India to ensure the secure, legal, and appropriate use of IT infrastructure and to maintain the flow of information, confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility for all stakeholders. The institution allocates a sufficient annual budget of INR 107.84lakhs for the development and up-gradation of the IT infrastructure during the period of last five years. Planning, development, upgrade, and maintenance of IT infrastructure and its related services are taken care of by the In-charge System Cell along with his supporting technical team.

Salient features of IT policy:

  • Maintaining a healthy computer-student ratio of 1:4 and reaching 1:2 by the end of 2025.
  • 20% of the systems with high end configuration to support research
  • The IT infrastructure and services are accessible 24 hours a day to all students and staff.
  • Regular maintenance and upgrading of IT systems in accordance with their life span and obsolescence.
  • 80% of the courses are to be digitalized and converted into learning resources by the end of 2023.

IT Policy Implementation:

  • As per the policy, at present, the Campus has 1762 network connections through LAN and Wi-Fi access.
  • A total of 1593 computer systems are placed in laboratories, research centers, and classrooms, providing feasible access for students and staff.
  • Maintaining a healthy computer-student ratio of 1:3.4
  • 1.1 Gbps Bandwidth Internet facility is available with adequate backup facilities to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. An additional network of 1 Gbps is hired from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited as a standby. 
  • The examination section is allotted a dedicated LAN facility accessible only to authorized staff, ensuring secure access to sensitive information.
  • The campus is equipped with authorized versions of CISCO Meraki firewall and Nod 32 to protect against external and internal threats.
  • Digital content management involves the expansion of e-content, maintaining data storage, both internal and cloud-based. Also provided a remote access usage facility for users.
  • On average, an annual budget of INR107.84lakhs was spent over the last five years on the development and up-gradation of IT Infrastructure.

Maintenance of ICT Facilities:

The In-charge of the system cell and supporting staff are responsible for:

  • Performing annual maintenance tasks, including necessary software installations, Antivirus updates, and up-gradation.
  • Implementing effective measures to minimize e-waste by servicing and reusing electronic gadgets such as Projectors, Computers, Printers, etc.
  • The problems in IT infrastructure are brought to the notice of in-charge system cell through an online complaint system.

Disposal of E-waste:

E-waste disposal is efficiently managed through buy-back options, and the institution has signed MoU with Green Waves Environmental Solutions Company for the disposal of the e-waste generated on the campus. During the last five years, 2.9 tons of e-waste has been disposed off.


  • Successful conduct of national-level campus student hiring examinations
  • Extensive usage of facilities for research, teaching, and learning by all the faculty and students.
  • Prompt release of examination results.
  • Ensuring efficient and timely feedback.