Programme Outcomes(POs)

  • Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, Electronics & Communication engineering specialization to solve the complex Electronics, Communication and allied engineering problems. (Engineering knowledge).
  • Reach substantiated conclusions by identifying, formulating, surveying literature and analyzing complex Electronics & Communication engineering problems.(Problem analysis).
  • Design solutions for complex Electronics & Communication Engineering systems to meet the needs with due concern for cultural, societal and environmental considerations. (Design/development of solutions).
  • Use domain knowledge and research methods for analysis and interpretation of data to arrive at valid conclusions. (Conduct investigations of complex problems).
  • Use appropriate techniques, resources, modern engineering and ICT tools to model and simulate complex Electronics & Communication engineering systems with an understanding of their limitations (Modern tool usage).
  • Apply reasoning with background knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities pertinent to the Electronics & Communications Engineering practices.( The engineer and society).
  • Understand the impact of Electronics & Communications Engineering solutions on society and environment needs for sustainable development. (Environment and sustainability).
  • Follow ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities & norms of the engineering practice (Ethics).
  • Contribute effectively as an individual, as a member or leader of intra and inter-disciplinary teams/ working environment.(Individual and team work).
  • Communicate effectively both in verbal and written forms with engineering community in particular and with society at large.(Communication).
  • Apply the principles of engineering and management as a member and leader to manage projects in multidisciplinary environment (Project management and finance).
  • Recognize the need and be able to pursue independent and life-long learning to keep abreast of technological changes. (Life-long learning).