Admission committee (AC)

Role : The AC is responsible to:

  1. Monitor admission procedures (ensuring compliance with government regulations) for students admitted under convener quota, management quota and supernumerary quota like FN/PIO & Gulf NRI.
  2. Maintain admission register for all UG and PG students.
  3. Issue of code of conduct, academic rules & regulations, course structure & syllabus.
  4. Analyze admission trends and provide feedback /suggestions to PPC & CDC.

Frequency of meetings: Once in a Year (A month after close of admissions)

Admission committee (AC) Members
S.No Name Designation Status of the Person
1 Dr. B Arundhati PrincipalChair Person
2 Dr. V Madhususudhana Rao RectorMember
3 Mr.B.Dinesh ReddyHOD-CSEMember
4 Dr.B.Prasad HOD-ITMember
5 Dr.Rambabu Sarimalla HOD-ME Member
6 Mr.M.Padmakar HOD-CE Member
7 Mrs.R.Uma Maheswari HOD-ECM Member
8 Dr.T.Satyaguru HOD-BS & H Member
9 Dr.B.Prasad HOD-MCA Member
10Mr.B.Dinesh Reddy HOD-AI&DS Member
11Dr.P.Ramesh HOD-MBA Member
12Dr. K. Madhusudhana Rao Dean Admissions & Student AffairsMember Secretary