Academic and Administrative Audit Committee(AAAC)

Role : The AAA committee is responsible to:

  1. Review academic and administrative activities of the Institute on a periodic basis.
  2. Ensure that the Academic calendar provided by the Institute is implemented without any variation.
  3. Verify that the timetables prepared by the individual departments are followed as per the schedule.
  4. Review the student and faculty development programs.
  5. To check whether the records and files being maintained by all the departments across the Institute are as per the IQAC criteria or not.

Frequency of meetings: Once in a year/ semester on demand basis.

Academic & Administrative Audit Committee (AAAC)
S.No Name Designation Status of the Person
1Dr. B ArundhatiPrincipalChair Person
2Dr.V S V SatyanarayaIQAC - CoordinatorMember
3Dr. M P V V BhaskarIQAC - CoordinatorMember
4Dr.B.Prasada RaoIQAC - CoordinatorMember
5Dr. Srinivas NaikIQAC - CoordinatorMember
6Mr. B.BrahmayyaIQAC - CoordinatorMember
6Dr. Ch. Hari Govinda RaoDean IQACMember Secretary