Dr.Narasimham Challa

I would like to welcome you to our vignan's Institute of Information technology -College web portal.

Vignan's Institute of Information technology(VIIT) is founded by Dr.Lavu Rathaiah in 2002 with a long term goal and commitment to provide education with better quality inorder to enable our students to face the challenges of the modern world and to build their bright future.

Dedicated and supportive tutorial team,personal attention to the students ,mock exams at the college ,supervised course work and training followed by work experiences and others have contributed in tuition provider of VIIT being a centre of excellence for the studies as well as key to success for the exams.

We believe ,this is our main strength that has driven us to grow within a short period of time.Our friendly and cooperative administrative staff, as well as well experienced faculty members are the back bone of this college who always endeavor to provide continuous support to the students.

Our main objective is to model this establishment as a centre of excellence for the students wishing to study engineering and management course at affordable fees and with higher standards and qualities.

We expect excellent performance from all of our students.Therefore , we are committed to educate and train the students to a high degree of competence in their choosen field.

I hope that you will find our site informative and interesting ,whether you are considering applying for admission to the college or simply browsing.The college always welcomes your enquiries .

Thank you once again for the interest you have shown in VIIT