Completed Projects:

S.NoProject Title Team Members
1A Cost Effective Automatic Online Bus Information System using RFID and ZigBee P. Prudvi Kiran (12L31A0006)
K. V Venkata Prasad (10L31A1223)
Jagadish Gambale (10L31A1220)
Peddada Hemanth (10L31A1239)
2IoT based Home Automation using Raspberry Pi and Arduino Chinnam Swathi Reddy (12l31a1205)
Gavara Yamini(12l31a1210)
Kamavarapu Alekhya (12l31a1215)
Pallapotu Jagadeep (12l31a1230)
3Online RFID based Student Attendance System CH Kavya (14L31A1207)
G Devendra Rao (14L31A1222)
Somu Chinnikrishna Reddy (14L31A1243)
K Bharadwaj (14L31A1223)
4Online Finger Print based Staff Attendance System Durga Prasad (15L31A1244)
Surendra (15L31A1235)
5Automatic Water management System. Manikanta Reddy.K (15L31A1917)
Sai Charan.D (15L31A1909)
6IoT enabled Vehicle Accident Avoidance System using Alcohol Detection Eshwar Veesam (14L31A1213)
K Lakshminarayana(14L31A1228)
Puvvada Phanindra (14L31A1240)
7ISWMS: IoT Based Smart Water Management System G. Neha (13L31A1213)
S.K. Marfa (13L31A1232)
P. Priyanka (13L31A1225)
N. Prabhath (13L31A1222)
8Image Processing Based Student Attendance System using Raspberry Pi G.Sai Teja (13L31A1212)
D.Narayana (13L31A1211)
P.Swetha (13L31A1227)
B.V.S.Vinay (13L31A1209)
B.Sasi Lalitha (13L31A1206)

Ongoing Research Projects:

S.NoTitle of Research Work Name of the Faculty and team members
1Energy Efficient Cluster Based Routing using Optimization Techniques in Wireless Sensor Network Mr. R. Daniel, Associate Professor
Student Team:
Durga Prasad (15L31A1244)
Surendra (15L31A1235)
2Intelligent vehicular ad hoc networks in MANETS Mr. K. Nagrjuna, Assistant Professor
3Multi-layer Security Approach for IoT Mr. Santhosh Kumar Sharma,Assistant Professor
4Smart Building Mr. R. Daniel, Associate Professor
Student Team:
Manikanta Reddy.K
Sai Charan.D

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