Advanced Antenna Research Laboratory

Focus of Research and Graduate Education

  • Design of antenna
  • Fabrication of antenna

Key Application Areas

  • Design of antenna Array
  • Design and fabrication of patch antenna
  • MIMO Antenna System
  • Planar Antennas


Small arrays are important for low profile radio applications and advantages over aperiodic arrays due to their compatibility and simplicity. However, these arrays are not suitable for wideband applications due to mutual coupling and asymmetric behavior. The primary goal of this work is to generate asymmetrical patterns for large phased array antennas by choosing perfect array excitation and spacing. In this work the amplitude and phase of each element in the array are determined and optimized concurrently by the proposed schemes i.e., Intelligent z-space Boundary Condition-Particle Swarm Optimizer (IzBC-PSO) and IzBC- Firefly optimizers. These schemes can be applied to a wider range of problems without significant modifications and requires fewer computations compared to other competing techniques. Time delay arrays are used to improve the bandwidth performance and avoid natural limitations of wideband phased arrays. In order to verify the performance of the proposed methods measurements are to be performed using the digital beamforming setups in the receiving mode only, with Interconnect Break-out Board (IBOB) and Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). For which considered a practical BDRA array (Bowtie Dielectric Resonator Array) and BECA array (Bunny Ear Combline Antenna) with 8, 10 and 16 elements are designed in CST Microwave studio by choosing frequency band of 4.5 GHz to 5.5 GHz. The methodology used in this work can also be extended to other shaped beams. These types of patterns are useful in marine radars where pitch and roll of the ship exists and also extremely useful in search and track radars as well as for ground mapping.

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